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The Highlight of your Trip to the Cayman Islands
The Highlight of your Trip to the Cayman Islands

Thousands of visitors come to our shores every year and every single time we hear the same love and smile-filled expresion after visiting stingray city "this was the highlight of our trip" and when you visit our Tripadvisor's review page you will quickly be verified with this. As your boat docks on the stingray city sand bar families of stingrays gather in a welcoming committee in only waist-deep crystal caribbean waters to salute you as you make your way in. Just like little puppies looking for some TLC and a little bit of kissing as they poker up they set out unafraid to mingle with you.


Our captains and crew will share their wealth of knowledge about the stingrays, their behavior, the eating habits, the history of how sandbar came about (visit our stingray city page for a quick intro) and will of course be right by your side showing you how to interact with the stingrays-also a perfect time for some splendid photos.

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Avoid the crowds, be catered and pampered to, choose where to go first and your own pace as we move for some spectacular snorkeling in the world-renowned Coral Gardens for amazing snorkeling and the chance to see some of the most beautiful and colorful caribbean species.

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Stingray City is without doubt one of the most thrilling tourist attractions in the World.